Temporary Exhibit
A gallery of pictures drawn by children next to a picture of the lantern they are based on, a large lantern of a cat head with tentacles.

Illuminate Imagination!

Join us for a journey through the history of lantern making, exploring traditional lanterns and modern lantern light sculptures.

Art Exhibit
Four canvases in a row painted with petals in hues of green, blue, and white.

Inspired By… Works by Cheryl Kessler

Cheryl makes art that tells stories – real or imagined – through texture, color and composition with materials that would otherwise end up in the recycling bin.

Text "ARTISTS'" in pink letters with transparent blue and yellow blocks over "RT" and "ST" and text "CORNER" below in blue letters with transparent yellow and pink blocks over "OR" and "NE" to change the colors.

What Inspires You?

Expand your idea of what art is, materials that can be used to create art, and how and why art is made in the Artists' Corner.

A photo of the Medicine Wheel mounted on a wall with various paper birds on it.

Toyuskanash: Bridges

A summer of making, viewing and talking about indigenous art and stories with artists from the Shinnecock Nation.

Traveling Exhibit
A child smiling while holding a wooden Very Hungry Caterpillar toy against their face.

Very Eric Carle

Step into colorful adventures based on the work of renowned and beloved author/illustrator Eric Carle, including The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Co-organized by Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

Traveling Exhibit
Children standing at a three flip book machiene holding the cranks.

The Pigeon Comes to Long Island! A Mo Willems Exhibit

Step into activities pulled directly from the pages of Mo Willems' books, make art inspired by his work, engage in dramatic play and learn about the rich social and emotional lives of the author’s characters.

Temporary Exhibit
Woman in red parka standing in front of National Geographic Explorer ship alongside blue Lindblad Expeditions banner.

Slow Down! Explore… A Journey to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica

Slow down your pace as you uncover your inner explorer!

Temporary Exhibit
Replica of the head of a T.rex featuring large, sharp teeth, orange eyes, and scale-like skin.

Age of the Dinosaurs

Journey back to the Mesozoic era to meet moving, roaring dinosaurs.

Art Exhibition
Artist with sewing needle adding brightly colored fabric and discarded toys to a canvas.

After Nature - Julie Peppito

A Community of Artists Series

Art Exhibition
Artist in her studio creating sculpture with various pieces of artwork on the wall in the background.

Holding Space

Mixed media artist Cecile Chong returns to LICM

Art Exhibition
A photograph of an adult helping children complete arts and crafts.

Water, Plants, and Insects – Janet Fredericks

A Community of Artists Series

Entrance to exhibit "Sock Skating" featuring multiple adults watching children slide on the white floor while wearing face masks.

Slip and Slide Sock Skating

Toss off your shoes and get ready to spin and glide around the “ice” at Long Island Children’s Museum!

Temporary Exhibit
Rows of gingerbread houses decorated with white frosting and a variety of candy.

GingerBread Lane

A sweet tooth lover's dream returns to LICM. Enjoy a feast for the eyes when this sweet culinary construction takes up residence.

Art Exhibition
Artist painting on a canvas in his studio.

The Art of Ernani Silva: Earth, Food and Music

A Community of Artist series

A number of self portraits completed by varying artists.

Portraits by Many Hands

Works of art by more than 30 Long Island and NYC artists ages 3 to 80 were paired to ignite dialogue about subject matter, techniques and materials used.

Traveling Exhibit
Child sitting on motorcycle wearing a helmet in exhibit.

Hands-On Harley-Davidson™

Roar into a kid-sized motorcycle dealership and engineering lab in this one-of-a-kind visitor experience that lets kids—and adults—Dream It! Build It!...and Ride It!

Traveling Exhibit
Entrance to TInkeytoy exhibit.

TINKERTOY®: Build Your Imagination™

What better way to celebrate LICM’s 25th birthday than with an exhibit highlighting innovation, collaboration and play! (Do those attributes sound like a Children’s Museum you know?)

Traveling Exhibit
Children climbing through a mythical animal sculpture.

Mash-up Menagerie

Create crazy hybrid creatures in this artist-led exhibition that changes every day … because of you!

Open through September 3
A girl watching a ball travel through her rollercoaster creation.

Loops & Hoops

Explore the science behind thrill rides!

View of the wooden dragons and creatures featured in this exhibit.

Dragons & Fairies

Explore modern day life in Viet Nam through the lens of centuries-old folktales.

Adult and child banging on colored tubes.

Blue Man Group - Making Waves

Visitors took a multi-sensory exploration of sound and light with the dynamic Blue Men as virtual guides.

A Museum volunteer wearing a Andy Warhol wig standing with children.

The Art of Andy Warhol

Visitors explored the silkscreen process from beginning to end, and learned about a leading figure of the “Pop-Art” movement.

Artist creating a beaded necklace with yellow and black beads using a beading loom.

Tanya Butler Holder

“Sesheta Weaves Rainbows” explored symbolism through color in wearable works of art. Uncover the process and view finished pieces of beading and weaving.

An artist creating a mural which includes store fronts using a marker.

Danielle O'Malley

Her installation came to life on the KaleidoZone wall through a week-long process. Visitors watched the live action of the artist creating "Walking after Midnight."

A painting of a brown paper bag, and two slices of bread laying on top of the bag. One slice has peanut butter spread, the other has jelly.

Julianne Zegers

"Don’t Play with your Food!" challenged the rule to never play with what we eat as Artist and Art Educator Julianne Zegers sculpted food to look like group portraits and landscapes, then turned them into oil paintings and monotypes.

Two teens hanging spoons from their noses.

KLUTZ® Amazingly Immature

We tested immaturity skills and sharpened our understanding of complex ideas. Stop acting silly? Not in this exhibit.

KaleidoZone Gallery
Artist Javaka Steptoe creating artwork at his worktable.

Javaka Steptoe: Radiant Child

Artist and illustrator Javaka Steptoe tells the story of an artist who has inspired him, Jean-Michel Basquiat, in this exhibition.

Created by Kids
A young artist painting her DeKooning inspired piece on canvas.

Dedicated to de Kooning

Children and teens created art influenced by the life and work of Willem de Kooning. A year of LICM educator-led workshops out in the community and here at LICM guided young artists as they layered on the imagination!

Traveling Exhibit
Children examining the different possible patterns.

Pattern Wizardry

Throw on your pattern cape, pick up your magic wand and get ready to fall under the spell of... PATTERNS.

Art displayed in gallery at LICM.

Korea in the Artist’s Voice

Artists with ties to Korea share a range of styles and mediums in this exhibit complementing our “Heart & Seoul” exhibit.

Traveling Exhibit
View of a town in Korea featuring children and different decorations.

Heart and Seoul: Growing Up in Korea

Five modern-day Korean kids share their lives and interests--from K-Pop and cuisine to technology and sports in this new cultural exhibit.

Traveling Exhibit
Child sitting on top of a large model dinosaur.

Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice™

Travel back in time to when dinosaurs last roamed the earth!

Art exhibit
Two pieces of artwork by Betty LaDuke.

Social Justice Revisited and Bountiful Harvest

Betty LaDuke's vibrant colors and irregular forms in her murals, paintings and drawings reflect the interesting stories of those she champions.

Traveling Exhibit
Children creating a soundtrack with exhibit component.

Sonic Sensation

Make some noise as you discover the awesome power of the sound that surrounds us.

Traveling Exhibit
Adult and child pumping air under stacked weights.

From Here to There

Lift, launch and levitate as you encounter the laws of motion in action through familiar and futuristic transportation vehicles.