A number of self portraits completed by varying artists.

Portraits by Many Hands

Works of art by more than 30 Long Island and NYC artists ages 3 to 80 were paired to ignite dialogue about subject matter, techniques and materials used.

Children working together to create a child-sized house using logs.

Your House, My House

Go on a fantastic journey into the homes of people around the world – no passport or luggage required!

A Museum volunteer wearing a Andy Warhol wig standing with children.

The Art of Andy Warhol

Visitors explored the silkscreen process from beginning to end, and learned about a leading figure of the “Pop-Art” movement.

A girl watching a ball travel through her rollercoaster creation.

Motion Mania!

Motion Mania! was an exhibit for thrill seekers of all ages to explore rollercoaster arcs and the force of gravity.

View of the wooden dragons and creatures featured in this exhibit.

Dragons & Fairies

Explore modern day life in Viet Nam through the lens of centuries-old folktales.

Adult and child banging on colored tubes.

Blue Man Group - Making Waves

Visitors took a multi-sensory exploration of sound and light with the dynamic Blue Men as virtual guides.

Two teens hanging spoons from their noses.

KLUTZ® Amazingly Immature

We tested immaturity skills and sharpened our understanding of complex ideas. Stop acting silly? Not in this exhibit.

KaleidoZone Gallery
Artist Javaka Steptoe creating artwork at his worktable.

Javaka Steptoe: Radiant Child

Artist and illustrator Javaka Steptoe tells the story of an artist who has inspired him, Jean-Michel Basquiat, in this exhibition.

Traveling Exhibit
Children examining the different possible patterns.

Pattern Wizardry

Throw on your pattern cape, pick up your magic wand and get ready to fall under the spell of... PATTERNS.

Created by Kids
A young artist painting her DeKooning inspired piece on canvas.

Dedicated to de Kooning

Masterpieces by children and teens were inspired by Willem de Kooning's work. A year of LICM educator-led workshops out in the community and here at LICM guided young artists as they layered on the imagination!