This exhibit was on view Spring 2018.

Giclee prints of paintings 1968 - 2018.

Betty LaDuke, native New Yorker and lifelong artist, was born to Russian and Polish immigrant parents. She studied art in the United States and Mexico where she met artists Rufino Tamayo, Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siquerios, whose representation of indigenous people influenced her life's artwork. 

She has spent her career as an advocate and storyteller for immigrants, refugees and the disadvantaged. The vibrant colors and irregular forms in her murals, paintings and drawing reflect the interesting stories of those she champions. Betty LaDuke wants the viewer to celebrate other cultures while acknowledging the hardships of our world.

What You Learned:

  • Artistic expression through murals, paintings and drawings
  • Advocacy and storytelling through art
  • Migrant farmers and their role in the U.S. food industry
  • Oregon agriculture
  • Celebration of other cultures

Located in KaleidoZone, a gallery featuring three art exhibits a year. Each exhibit presents innovative strategies for beginning art conversations with your children. 

In honor of Women's History Month, we encourage you to meet more women artists.