Entrance to exhibit "Sock Skating" featuring multiple adults watching children slide on the white floor while wearing face masks.

Slip and Slide Sock Skating

Toss off your shoes and get ready to spin and glide around the “ice” at Long Island Children’s Museum!

Seasonal Exhibit
The gate leading into Our Backyard with a view of flowers.

Our Backyard

This outdoor sensory garden inviting exploration of natural elements, the weather and the water cycle, encourages everyone to step outside the comfort of plugged-in lives to our messy, wondrous world.

Two girls using bubbles wands to make bubbles.


Step inside an enormous bubble and use giant wands to make a room full of bubbles, blurring the boundary between play and experimentation.


Sound Showers

Tap, clap, bounce and dance into a world of percussion instruments and everyday objects that make sound.

Toddler Favorite
Boy and girl getting ready to slide down lighthouse slide


Perfect for crawlers, cruisers and toddlers, our little town celebrates the work people do in our communities. A lighthouse, farmer’s market, post office, train station and more spark the youngest imaginations.


Community Gallery

The Community Gallery invites a dialogue with the work of the youngest of artists. The work displayed is often created by local schoolchildren.

Boy using a hammer and nail to create wooden project while wearing safety googles.

Tool Box

Discover and test what makes an object a tool. Children learn safety measures and the creative process while using real tools to build their own sculptures.

Three children exploring the Feasts for Beasts exhibit.

Feasts for Beasts

Live animal habitats invite visitors to identify predators and prey, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. The Animal Diner playfully tests what fits into an animal’s diet and hands-on games help examine other characteristics of eating.

Boys laying on the floor after knocking over their brick wall creation.

Broken? Fix it!

Our award winning exhibit embraces the broken as you discover the joy and satisfaction in making things whole or usable again.

A girl playing with KEVA blanks and building a structure.


No glue, just gravity! More than 10,000 planks plus your imagination lead to limitless design possibilities. Geometry, balance and proportion help you create cities, imaginary creatures and more.

A family watching another family perform their own News12 broadcasting.

Communication Station

Interact with different historic and contemporary devices that humans use to communicate.

A boy creating a structure using wooden blocks.

Pattern Studio

Create beauty, find order in the universe and follow your imagination. The more we look, the more we see.

A boy holding a lobster inside the "Catch of the Day" shack.

Sandy Island

From the north shore to the south shore, Montauk to Brooklyn, below every step you take is sand. Discover its unique properties, role play in an air conditioned beach, and “fish” for the catch of the day.

Children traveling through the Museums netted climbing structure.


Both safe and crazy, our accessible climbing sculpture encourages independence, freedom and exploration.