The Climb-It@LICM two-story climbing sculpture evokes as much energy as the children moving inside. Visitors can keep an eye on one another as they move independently throughout the sculpture, exploring paths and levels. The ribbon-like ramp provides visitors in strollers or wheelchairs with the same winding sensation as those inside the sculpture.

Children must be 42” tall to ensure young bodies can move safely and confidently from one level to another. Grown-ups are often unaware how frequently they lend a helping hand to their children to ensure safety and security. Inside Climb-it, children can see their grown-ups but take charge of their own movement.

“I was stationed at the Climb-it and all of a sudden this little boy above me in the climber grabs my attention and then proceeds to just simply tell me, "I love this spot." – LICM Educator, November 2016

What You Learn:

• Gross motor skills
• Independence
• Problem Solving

A girl finding her way to the exit of the netted climbing structure.

Kids explore the interior of the climbing sculpture on their own. Discover how your child navigates new terrain and how kids help each other.

A guardian watching her child while he smiles back in netted climbing structure.

This exhibit is the only "adult-free" area in the Museum. Parents can follow their child’s climbing fun from the accessible ramp.

Continue the Fun at Home

Keep exercise focused on fun to get your kids moving. Have an animal race. Slither like a snake and waddle like a duck. If you get bubble wrap in the mail, jump on it until it is all popped.