Long Island Children’s Museum was founded on the principles of respect and access for all. Throughout its history the Museum has built a culture of transparency and fostered a set of core values that enable LICM to continually move forward in creating an environment that reaches out to, welcomes and supports people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives as visitors, staff, volunteers and board members. Our work supporting the principles of diversity, equity, access and inclusion evolves over time, responding to outside events as well as a deepening understanding of the ways in which groups of people have been and continue to be marginalized. We work internally to train and support staff in the many aspects of DEAI, and to question and review policies and procedures that might inadvertently hamper achieving a diverse workforce at all levels of responsibility and leadership. Looking outward, we work to become a trusted resource for our community through programming, exhibits and community initiatives, that include tackling challenging topics.  We strive to be a gathering place where visitors of all backgrounds meet and interact with each other, and where people can come together to discuss issues and voice concerns. We understand that this remains a work in progress – work of paramount importance to the board and staff of LICM.