Build your little one’s self-confidence as children dance, craft and move through our multi-sensory programs. Designed with young brains and bodies in mind, children develop motor skills, cooperation and communication in a nurturing environment. Parents, grandparents and caregivers benefit from social interaction with other grown ups, too!

POP Tots

This process-oriented, play-based workshop is designed to promote socialization and support toddlers’ cognitive and creative development. Each week participants ages 18 months through 3 years old will be introduced to exciting, multi-sensory art experiences and activities that will inspire exploration through experiential learning.

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Music and Movement

Interactive sing-alongs, creative movement exercises, finger plays, puppetry and classic children’s songs tap into each child’s individual expressive ability. From infancy, children are naturally receptive to tempo and rhythm in its musical form. This half-hour program immerses children under five in activities that enhance and support the kinesthetic, linguistic and musical intelligences. Designed for children 5 years old and under.

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Little ones move to the beat while staying active in our popular Music and Movement class.

Little ones move to the beat while staying active in our popular Music and Movement class.

story + ART 

Through early exposure to language in print, children can develop an affinity for both literature and storytelling. Our half-hour program we call “stART” begins with circle time-style stories and concludes with a take-home project relating to the book of the day. We encourage interdisciplinary exploration of children’s literature through the art of illustration, often using the illustrator’s media for our own craft activities. stART prepares young children for school settings, including the ability to sit and listen to a story, follow three step directions, and take turns. Seasonal books, themes tying into our exhibits and childhood classics are all featured throughout the year for ages 3 to 5.

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Online Resource

Kids in the Kitchen

What comes first, second and third when following a recipe? Even the littlest learners build basic math skills through counting, measuring ingredients and sequencing. Participants develop listening skills, expand their palate and gain a sense of ownership as they create their very own snack, start to finish. Our "Kids in the Kitchen" workshops have moved online, where you can gather ingredients and cook with your own family or class. See our cookbook playlist now.

Little ones move to the beat while staying active in our popular Music and Movement class.

Vocabulary development and math skills are just some of the skills children build as they prepare tasty dishes.