Executive Staff

Headshot of Suzanne LeBlanc.

Suzanne LeBlanc


Long Island Children's Museum

Headshot of Aimee Terzulli

Aimee Terzulli

Vice President for Program & Visitor Experience

(516) 224-5841


Ashley Niver

Director of Education

(516) 224-5843


Margo Malter

Director of Exhibits

(516) 224-5881

Headshot of Erika Floreska.

Erika Floreska

Director of Development

(516) 224-5813

Headshot of Maureen P. Mangan

Maureen Mangan

Director of Communications & Marketing

(516) 224-5828

Headshot of Audrey O'Malley.

Audrey O'Malley

Director of Visitor & Support Services

(516) 224-5842

Headshot of Robert Dreyfuss.

Robert Dreyfuss, CPA

Director of Finance

(516) 224-5812

Headshot of Jeanmarie Walsh Mansfield.

Jeanmarie Walsh Mansfield

Director of Special Projects & Community Initiatives

(516) 224-5809


Josh Engel

Associate Director of Support Services

(516) 224-5840


Scott Larrabee

Associate Director of Exhibits

(516) 224-5883


Stefanie Joseph

Executive Assistant to President

(516) 224-5810