Sunday September 22



Join us as we launch “AdvoKids,” a new monthly series focusing on children learning what it means to be an advocate for themselves … and others.

Ages 3+ Free with admission,

Messy Afternoons

We’ll be up to our elbows in oobleck, clean mud and slime … and we hope you’ll join us for the type of artistic activities that everyone loves, but no one likes to clean-up after. Except us!

18 months - 4 years Early Childhood, Free with admission,

Monday September 23


Tuesday September 24


stART (Story + Art)

Join us each week as we read childhood classics and introduce new favorites; followed by a take-home, book-inspired craft. This week in stART we are reading "Apples, Apples, Apples" by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.

Ages 3 to 5 Early Childhood, Member benefit, Workshop,
A mirror decorated with blue and orange stripes and triangles.

Mexican Folk Art Mirrors

Come learn about Mexican folk art and metal mirror techniques in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Join us in the Inner Lobby and design your own personal mirrors that are inspired by Mexican art.

Ages 3+ Free with admission,

Wednesday September 25


Multigenerational Music and Movement

In partnership with Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation, today's class shares the benefits of music with people of all ages. Join us for a special edition of interactive sing-alongs and musical discovery.

Ages 5 and under Early Childhood, Member benefit, Workshop,

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