Sunday July 23


Messy Afternoons

We’ll be up to our elbows in oobleck, clean mud and slime … and we hope you’ll join us for the type of artistic activities that everyone loves, but no one likes to clean-up after. Except us!

18 months - 4 years Early Childhood, Free with admission,

Monday July 24


Safe and Warm, LI’s Largest Quilt Campaign

Create a quilt square to be included in LI’s Largest Quilt to help keep homeless kids safe and warm.

Free with admission,
Multiple Times

The Puppet Project

Join in the fun as you design and engineer your own simple marionette!

Ages 3+ Workshop,
Multiple Times

Calling Young Scientists: Green Architecture

Calling Young Scientists! Come learn about forms of alternative energy as you design your own "green" house!

Ages 5+ Workshop,

Tuesday July 25


Green Teens

Explore the worlds of science and nature with the Green Teens this summer in our Backyard! This week: Hydropower.

Ages 3+ Free with admission, Workshop,
Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis dressed up in front of an animated blue sky. Lucky Diaz is holding a electric guitar and Alisha Gaddis has a grey hat on her head.

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

The Latin Grammy winning team of Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis create upbeat indie music rooted in their whimsical and child-friendly imaginations.

Ages 4+ Theater,

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