Led by our trained museum educators, our outreach workshops embody the museum’s philosophy that children learn best by seeing, touching, doing and having fun. Workshops last approximately one hour and are generally offered for groups of 25-30 children and their adult chaperones. (Note: the Changes & Challenges outreach can accommodate up to 60 children.) Ready to book now? Fill out our reservation form.

Outreach Options 

Bubble POP! — Nursery - Grade 5
Become a bubble scientist and learn more about the unique physical properties of bubbles as you experiment at our three interactive stations. Experiment making bubbles and take home your own bubble print.
Fee: $300 
All Abuzz — Pre-K - Grade 3

Junior entomologists will meet Sammy the Walking Stick, touch a beetle wing and discover insects that camouflage.  Then students will create their own bugs using modeling clay, sequins, feathers and more! 
Fee: $250
Changes & Challenges—Kindergarten - Grade 6

Explore some of the tools and inventions used to overcome specific challenges and neurodivergences. Learn how to type your name in Braille, communicate through sign language and test your brain with mirror mazes. 
Fee: $300
Fish Tales—Kindergarten - Grade 6

Learn about fish habits and their habitats, the maritime industry on Long Island and comparative anatomy by studying an actual fish dissection up close--including a taste sample after our instructor cooks it!
Fee: $300
Game On!—Grades 2 - 6

Step into the role of a game developer as you design your own game from the initial concept to a finished prototype, including materials such as cardboard trays, marbles, LED lights and your own graphics in this fun STEAM program!
Fee: $300
Spirit of Invention—Grades 1 - 4
Learn about the special functions of historical inventions such as the telephone, toaster and hair dryer. Hear about the lives of famous inventors such as Thomas Edison and Marie Curie before rolling up your sleeves and creating your own futuristic invention using an assortment of recycled materials.
Fee: $250
Up in the Air— Kindergarten - Grade 6

Explore the science of flight and dream BIG as you make your own gliders based on your observations of various AIR-MAZING experiments, and learn about milestones in the history of aviation.
Fee: $250
Build It— Pre-K - Grade 3

How did the Leaning Tower of Pisa get its name? Explore the scientific forces behind structures such as bridges and towers as you apply building design concepts to construct a freestanding structure out of Magic Nuudles®
and toothpicks.
Fee: $250
KEVA® CoLab—Grades 2 - 5
Explore ideas related to building construction and structural function based on LICM’s popular KEVA® exhibit. Become junior architects and engineers as you make your own KEVA® structures, experiment with gravity and speed and engage in collaborative play! 
Fee: $250
Lucky Fortune—Grades 1 - 5

Discover Chinese Lunar New Year festivities, stories and traditions in this multicultural awareness program. Learns about the symbolism of the Lion Dance and create your own Lion Dance parade mask.
Fee: $250
A Balancing Act—Grades 2 - 6
Learn about the cool science of gravity, speed and motion as we experiment with pennies and balancing toys in a fun way! Then, make a high-flying “acrobat” that can balance on a piece of string. 
Fee: $300 

Freedom Quilts—Grades 2 - 6
Discover the stories that quilts told in the days of the Underground Railroad to assist runaway slaves on their journey to freedom. Learn to “read” various quilt codes; then use mathematical patterns and fabric shapes to design a quilt that tells your very own personal story.
Fee: $250

Summer Reading Options 2020

Available May 1 – August 31, 2020

An Engineering Tale—Kindergarten - Grade 4
Meet three famous engineers from fairy tale history as we read and explore the classic story, the Three Little Pigs. Design and build a sturdy house that’s fit for a pig using various materials. Test its strength against the huff and puff of the Big Bad Wolf.
Fee: $250 (Quantity discounts available)

KEVA Castles—Grades 2 - 5
Explore the historical importance and function of castle structures. Become a junior engineer, and engage in collaborative play as your build your own KEVA castle fit for a king or queen.
Fee: $250 (Quantity discounts available)

How To Book

Choose your workshop theme(s) and fill out our online form:

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You may also call (516) 224-5847 or e-mail outreach@licm.org. LICM is a registered vendor with BOCES and the NYCDOE. Ask about discounts available for multiple bookings when you call. Mileage fees apply for locations farther than 30 minutes away.

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