We're committed to supporting the local honey bee population and educating our community about the importance of bees. Feasts for Beasts features a large indoor observation bee hive, home to more than 20,000 bees. The hive is housed between large sheets of plexi-glass where we can observe the bees hard at work building combs, filling them with honey and tending to the Queen. The bees can come and go at will through a tube connecting the hive to the outside world. Our visitors can even name a bee in the exhibit!

LICM Bee handle standing outside LICM's beehive.

Through the observational hive, children learn how bees collect pollen, make honey and that honey bees are responsible for some of their favorite foods.

Honey bees are vital to our ecosystem and our food supply. Unfortunately, the honey bee population is decreasing rapidly worldwide due to a serious threat called colony collapse disorder. Without enough honey bees, our fruit and vegetable crops will disappear! We can help these important creatures through education and supporting bee colonies.

Did you know?

• Through pollination, honey bees help local gardens grow flowers, fruits and vegetables.  

• Honey bees have five eyes, four wings, six legs, and two stomachs (one for food, one for nectar). 

• Honey bees pollinate some of Long Island’s most abundant crops including melons, pumpkins, tree nuts and berries.  

• Many farms all over the country would not be able to survive without honey bees and we would lose some of our favorite foods such as cherries, apples and almonds. 

What can you do?

• Become a team leader on CrowdRise to help the LICM honey bees and share it with your friends on Facebook & Twitter! 

• Plant wildflowers in your own backyard.  

• Avoid pesticides and chemicals to treat your lawn – they will get into the nectar and pollen which can harm the bees. 

• Consider buying honey from ethically sourced suppliers. 

Name a bee in our exhibit! A $20 gift supports enhancing the design and structure of our observational hive as it grows, and we'll place a label of your chosen name on our exhibit.