Here's what our visitors have to say about their fun-filled experiences learning through play at our Museum:

Quote from larry o, TripAdvisor 5-star Review: 'Best childrens or science museum I have ever visited. Took my 2 and 4 year old children there and they had a blast. But it wasn't just about pressing buttons and twirling dials. With minimal guidance from the adults and almost no explanation there were things for children of all ages to play and to learn from.

Quote from Olik C Google 5-star review: My daughter loves this place. We both like that there are a lot of seasonal & holiday activities and crafts. We visit at least once a month during the school year. Membership is very affordable. Highly recommend.

Quote from Tak Chan Google 5-star review: The rotary phone (and one of many displays) brought back nostalgia. The kids had a blast, they did not want to leave. My 7 year old enjoyed the mini wood work and climbing exhibit, and my twin monsters enjoyed playing with the instruments and making bubbles

Quote from Tony y, Google 5-star Review:'Wonderful place, with plenty of parking, friendly attendants and staff. Great science oriented exhibits and even a nice backyard water/plant/digging zone for the most active kids. Two floors make it a worthwhile visit for a half or whole day, plus a good gift shop. Plenty of bathrooms and even a cafeteria is on offer! A+ would definitely recommend!

Quote from Cibi, Google 5-star Review:'Fantastic place for kids! We have a family membership and it's definitely paid for itself after 3 visits. Great place to keep them busy and let them explore for a few hours. The kids favorites are the building blocks, toddler area (5 and under), music room and bubbles. In the summer the outside water area is a lot of fun too.'

Quote from Adventix Tripadvisor 5-star review: 'This children museum is one of the best I've seen. You can easily spent here 3 to 4 hours. Kids from age 1 to 10 will find interesting things here, even grown ups have some stuff to do.'

Quote from Lael Daniel, LICM Supporter and Father:'I first came to the museum when my daughters were babies and appreciated the diversity of the space. I deeply value the journey of learning together, as a family. LICM helps children to find their voice.'

Quote from Richard McSorely Google 5 star review: The museum's staff is friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to assist and educate. From science and art to culture and play, there's something for children of all ages to enjoy. It's a great destination for a day of exploration and creativity.

Quote from Danielle St. Louime, LICM Donor and Parent: With four children of varying ages, I’m always on the search for fun activities that include the whole family, and the museum is the perfect place for that. The bee exhibit now holds special significance for us after my 8-year-old, Maxwell, helped raise funds for the museum as part of his school’s 'Save the Bees' education initiative.

Quote from Monica Jeanette, LICM4all Participant: My son LOVES the Long Island Children’s Museum. He has autism and especially loves the sensory friendly events