Long Island Children’s Museum strives to be an inclusive and welcoming environment where all community members can experience the power of play-based learning.

To provide this experience, we expect all staff, museum members and visitors to act responsibly and be courteous to others within the Museum and model positive behavior for the children around us.

Staff and Visitors are expected to:

  • Be kind and polite: Please share the exhibit space and program materials with other visitors. Sharing is the first step to friendship.
  • Respect others: Assume the best intentions for others’ actions. Children are excited to be at the Museum; sometimes another child may unintentionally interfere with your child’s play. Be understanding.
  • Comply with safety & Museum policies: To ensure a safe play environment for all, climbing, jumping, hanging, or sitting on exhibits is prohibited. Age restrictions are in place for some exhibits and activities to protect all. Adults must supervise their children.

LICM staff is here to help ensure a positive visit that embraces our core values. Contact staff immediately with any questions, needs, or concerns.

LICM reserves the right to refuse admission, revoke membership, and remove any person(s) who violate this code of conduct or exhibits disruptive behavior likely to cause damage.