Looking to create great engagement with student families and build a strong school community? Bring LICM’s fun, hands-on STEM activities to your school! Students, families, faculty and parent groups can join in to explore science together through play-based learning activities. 

Children and adults standing at tables building rollercoasters from cups, straws and tubes.

Designed for a class, grade, or an entire school, these workshops and drop-in activities will engage students and their families.

Choose from our workshop menu or our pop-up menu.

Workshops (30-60 minutes): Choose one activity. 

  • Rockin’ Roller Coasters – Explore force, energy, and gravity as you design the ultimate coaster. 
  • Balancing Bird Perch – Teams will challenge each other to engineer the tallest perch for your balancing bird. 
  • Mousetrap Mischief – Put your heads together to create the trickiest trap for your mouse  
  • Critter Crossing – Experiment with structure and motion to get your critter safely across a balancing bridge.

Pop-Ups (10-20 minutes): Choose one or more stations for your special event.

  • KEVA Challenges – The KEVA gallery is one of LICM’s most popular! Step right up and try your hand at KEVA building challenges brought directly to you. 
  • Bug Bonanza – Discover what makes an animal an insect and investigate their different body parts. Build your own bug to take home! 
  • Kaleidoscope Wonders – Investigate the patterns around us as you design your own kaleidoscope. 
  • Nebula Spin Art – Explore our universe, learning about how gigantic clouds of gas and dust form nebulas in space. Create your own colorful model nebula that is just as unique as the real thing.  
  • Binary Code Bracelets – Learn how computers talk to each other as you make your own binary code bracelet. 
  • Cotton Ball Launchers – Explore the concepts of potential and kinetic energy as you build a cotton ball launcher. How far can your cotton ball go? 
Children and adults standing and sitting at large tables building structures from paper straws.

Families and friends work together to reach a common goal, with prompts and guidance provided by LICM Educators.


  • Family members have better understanding of their child’s learning style as they work together as a team. 
  • Stronger lines of communication between families and school leaders. 
  • Fun learning nights for all to enjoy. 


We know that every event will be different based upon your needs, so pricing will depend upon the number of participants, the length of the event, and the number of activities. Events can be for class family nights, larger school events, and family festivals. For more information or to discuss your event, please email STEM@licm.org.  

Need a flier to share? Download it here: School Community STEM Nights (PDF)