This gallery explores the big idea of “What is a Tool?” as well as the process of using tools and applying the six simple machines. In this unique space, children have the opportunity to use actual, grown-up tools including hammers and nails for children ages five years and up. Younger children can make their own creations with glue and other age-appropriate tools at the craft table.

As simple as a stick or as specialized as a computer keyboard, anything that helps you complete a task is a tool.

What You Learn:

  • Measurement of length, size, balance and force
  • Predictions and Experimentation
  • Creative thinking in three dimensions
  • Fine motor skills
  • Muscular strength
Children coloring and making crafts at craft table with materials.

Boys working at the craft table create in three dimensions using glue, yarn and other recycled materials. Children enjoy the open ended nature of this activity.

Continue the Fun at Home

Create something out of  materials similar to those in the LICM bins. Collect egg cartons, lemon mesh bags, baby pouch food tops or old holiday cards. Try building more complex creations using tools and scrap materials you can find in your own home.