We believe there is a vital need for public spaces to showcase local artists. Presenting the artwork of children is one way to encourage them to value and participate in the visual arts. The Community Gallery is where stories that live within our community are shared with our visitors, using artistic expression as the communication tool.

What You Learn:

  • Expression of emotions, beauty and beliefs
  • Creativity
  • Individuality
  • Perspectives

Mixed media exhibition features the artwork of elementary school students from Elmont School District.


“A Sweet Art Display” and “Life: Still and Abstract” created by students from North Babylon School District.


Created by students ages 5-45 at The Theresa Academy of Performing Arts (TAPA), this exhibit represented a mix of collages, watercolors, drawings and sculptures from multiple seasons, classes, ages and students.

Continue the Fun at Home

Make your own community gallery on a wall of your home or on the refrigerator door, inviting friends and family to express their ideas through art.

Choose a theme: color, lines, texture, backgrounds, subject matter, technique. Then work with your child to curate their year. Choose five or six pieces to display.

New to the world of art? We have plenty of techniques for talking to your kids about art.