Bubbles are intrinsically interesting to all ages, making them a great source for discovery. As a sensory experience, bubbles invite children to become more observant of size, shape, patterns, reflection and color. Adults can pose challenges to draw upon the natural curiosity of children. 

Have a contest to see who can make the biggest bubble, keep their bubble afloat the longest, or poke your wet hand through a stretch-a-bubble.

What You Learn

  • Physical properties of liquids
  • Interaction of light
  • Molecular structures
  • Cooperation
A girl blowing a bubble with a bubble wand.

Bubbles are pockets of air that are surrounded by a thin liquid skin. The thin bubble skin can easily break.

Continue the Fun at Home

Paint with bubbles, make bubble snakes or try your hand at surface tension experiments, all found on our Bubbles Pinterest board. Pick up giant bubble wands in the Museum Store.

LICM Bubble Recipe (PDF)