Help your child think more deeply about what they create and feel confident in themselves as artists by speaking with them thoughtfully about their creations. Asking "Tell me about what you made" instead of "What is that?" helps build a foundation of critical thinking and allows children to identify themselves as artists.  It teaches children to be open minded and tolerant of other peoples' creations if they learn to ask and listen rather than assume. 

Discuss their Work

Ask rather than assume what they made.

  • "Tell me about what you made."
  • "What is the story behind this?"
  • "Which piece would you like to display?"

Talk about process. 

  • "Why did you choose the colors and shapes you added?"
  • "What part did you enjoy the most?"
  • "How did you feel while you made this?"

 Remember, when making art… there are changes, not mistakes!

Talk about Others' Art

When viewing work in our first floor KaleidoZone Gallery or upstairs in the Community Gallery, you can help your children take a closer look at the art on display.  Help children see a new perspective.  Try some conversation starters or use "Visual Thinking Strategies," a tool used by educators.

  • "What do you see or notice?"
  • "How does this make you feel?"
  • "What do you think happened before and after what you see in the picture?"
  • "What would you name this artwork and why?"

Visual Thinking Strategies (PDF)