In Residence: January 26 through May 5, 2019

Listen up!  The newest LICM traveling exhibit offers children the opportunity to see, feel and hear sound.  Visitors will experience our sonic world while exploring 14 interactive learning stations. Children will discover key listening skills through the science of sound and hearing.

What You’ll Do:

•    Test your lung power in the Scream Chamber!
•    Create your own movie soundtrack 
•    Conduct an orchestra with your whole body
•    Learn about the anatomy and physics of how we hear.
•    Explore decibels, amplitude, pitch and sound waves. 
•    Find hidden “animals” in kitchen cupboards by listening (no peeking!) 
•    Learn ways you can protect your hearing.

Sciencenter of Ithaca, New York developed the Sonic Sensation exhibition. 

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Three children examine a large-scale ear model.

What's inside your ear? Find out with this large-scale ear model.