In Residence: September 28, 2019 through January 5, 2020

Come from there to here to learn how things move on land, sea and air! As you travel throughout the exhibit, you’ll encounter familiar modes of transportation like boats, planes and trucks to futuristic transportation modes like hovercrafts. Eleven hands-on exhibit components make learning about gravity, friction and the laws of motion fun! 

What you’ll do:

•    Float on a Hovercraft chair! 
•    Launch a colorful hot air balloon.
•    Operate an authentic canal lock system. 
•    Send colored balls zooming through air tubes!
•    Lift weights with pulleys, levers, pneumatics and hydraulics! 
•    Discover the laws of gravity and motion.


Young girl riding on hovercraft component in exhibit.

Jump on a hover craft to experience how air pressure works.

Mother holding child as they watch a pink and yellow hot air balloon rise.

Turn up the heat to launch a hot air balloon

From Here to There was developed by Rochester Museum and Science Center and TEAMS Collaborative, and funded by the National Science Foundation.