In Residence Saturday, June 3 through Sunday, September 3, 2023

Member Preview Hours on June 3 and June 4.
Exhibit Opening Weekend activities June 3 and June 4

Join us on a high-speed exploration of motion, force and energy this summer.  Our newest traveling exhibit invites thrill seekers of all ages to explore rollercoaster arcs and racetrack designs. 

Work in teams or as a solo engineer as you construct and test your designs.  How do slopes, loops, hills, curves, gravity or speed make a difference in the way things move?  Send balls careening down tracks; add ramps and loops to see which design produces the fastest results!

Make discoveries about force and energy, about friction and stability, all the while having lots of fun. This hands-on exhibit helps children develop their skills of observation, investigation, questioning and experimentation as they discover what affects how things move. 

This exhibit was designed and fabricated by the Ontario Science Centre. It was previously in residence at LICM in 2015.

A group of girls working together to create rollercoaster arcs.

Children collaborate on creating their own roller coaster. They are learning about velocity of balls through trial and error.

A Museum Educator helping two visitors create their rollercoaster arcs.

Children and a museum educator are predicting and comparing the ball’s velocity based on variations of the rollercoaster’s slope. Through repetition patterns are discovered.