This exhibit was on view January 27 - May 13, 2018.

Travel back to the Cretaceous Period and come face to face with dinosaurs of all sizes in their prehistoric environments. The immersive exhibit takes you to two dinosaur habitats (warm and cold environments), as well as a Field Research Station (complete with a Big Dig component), where junior paleontologists will experiment with materials and tools.  

What you’ll do:

•    Examine a touchable T-Rex and Triceratops and make observations and comparisons, important steps in scientific thinking
•    Climb into a Troodon’s nest and play with dinosaur eggs
•    Uncover dinosaur bones and examine fossils in a dig station
•    Cooperate and collaborate as you help complete an over-sized puzzle
•    Put on insect costumes and buzz around a swampy bog

Did you know? 

The Land of Fire section is based on the warm dinosaur habitats that existed in present-day Montana 70 million years ago.
Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice™ was created by Minnesota Children's Museum and nationally sponsored by The David B. Jones Foundation.