Exhibit Dates: Saturday, June 3 through Sunday, September 3, 2017

Visitors who enter this magical exhibit will become an “apprentice wizard” as they explore and play with the power of patterns.  Presented entirely in rhyme, this wildly whimsical sensory exhibit features four interactive pattern areas: Spiral Spells, Tessellation Station, Branch, Branch and Linear Lab.  The exhibition also features a Wizard Library, a computer pattern station where kids can create their own patterns and Symmetry Sorcery, where children investigate how we use symmetry to organize patterns.

This bilingual exhibit introduces the fundamentals of patterns as the building blocks of our natural and man-made world and as a critical developmental tool for children.

What you’ll do:

  • Develop a coiling masterpiece in Spiral Spells
  • Make patterns out of linked lizards in Tessellation Station 
  • Create a symphony of musical & rhythmic sound patterns in Linear Lab
  • Build a tree piece by piece in Branch Branch
  • Become part of your own pattern in Symmetry Sorcery

Pattern Wizardry themes complement ideas introduced in the LICM Pattern Studio, located on the second floor.