Tanya Butler Holder’s woven and loomed pieces draw on holistic healing and the properties of colors, numbers and crystals that can make you feel your best.

From the artist: “I believe in past lives and feel my gifts of weaving and looming beads was channeled from lifetimes before my current one. Being able to wear artwork is empowering as a woman, especially with symbols representative of African and Native American cultural traditions that are meaningful to me. I see art everywhere - in motion, the way we present ourselves, our environments. It’s beautiful.”

Visitors viewed finished pieces, examined tools used in the process of creating art, and could feel samples of raw materials.

Tanya Butler Holder's beaded pieces share a personal journey shown through art with zero representing beginning from “nothing” and 9 representing coming full circle to begin the process again.

Artists hands creating a beaded necklace with yellow and black beads using a beading loom.

From L to R, (0) Baby, I’m a Star (1) Sunflower (2) Tree of Life (3) As Above, So Below (4) Nefer (5) Aya (6) Sekmet (7) Sekmet II (8) Divine Woman (9) Full Circle

This exhibit was on view Fall 2014 in conjunction with “Native Voices.”

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