This exhibit was on view Winter 2017.

We feature art throughout the year in our KaleidoZone Gallery, located on the first floor of the Museum. Our Director of Exhibits Erik Schurink and Art Program Manager Marisa D’Ulisse worked together to build a compelling, original exhibition at LICM: Portraits by Many Hands. Erik shares: “We not only show art for people to enjoy, we think of strategies to make it even more interesting for visitors to explore the art we display.” See how the exhibit was made.

Located in the KaleidoZone gallery, a gallery featuring three art exhibits a year. Each exhibit presents innovative strategies for looking at art.

What You Learned:

  • Creativity
  • Perspectives & comparison
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Expression of emotions and beauty
  • Materials and methods

We started the process by collecting digital images of portraits from local artists. By using smaller scale prints, our team was able to physically place the portraits next to one another to see which pairings evoke similar ideas.


Now that they can be seen in the actual exhibit space, the portraits are evaluated to see if adjustments are needed in final placement. The perspective of children who will walk through the space is considered as well lighting modifications.


What questions pop into YOUR mind when you see these two portraits next to each other?