"Walking after Midnight” was a storybook installation about the strange magic that emerges after midnight in an imaginary, sleepy little mountain town. 

The background of the piece was a painted mural of mountains, trees, roads and animals. Paper sculptures of witch doctors, crystal balls, dark caves, magic bakeries, sweet mama and honey babe houses, forgotten forests, and folklore were added to the space, along with a folkloric story about the piece painted on the wall. 

 Mural featuring homes, trees, mountains and quotes using markers.

The finished work, after a week-long installation process exposing visitors to the process behind mural making.

A mural featuring homes, trees with music notes, and a mountain. The mural also includes three quotes.

Text accompanied the sculptures, sharing the story of this alternate realm.

Three artists creating a mural featuring homes, trees, mountains and quotes using markers.

The artist and her colleagues made the process of creating art accessible to visitors, working on the piece while the Museum was open and answering any questions children asked.

Accompanying this exhibit, we held a workshop in which children met the artist. They explored what a happy neighborhood needs. Children met the artist and created a fun collaborative sculpture while building a tiny neighborhood installation using cardboard boxes and other materials. Children were asked to decide what structures, people, animals and trees they would like in their neighborhood. 

This exhibit was on view Spring 2012 in Kaleidozone. 

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