Winter/Spring 2020

LICM launches its A Community of Artists series with Brooklyn artist Julie Peppito and her exhibit After Nature. Julie approaches all of her artwork with the environment in mind, taking a closer look at our impact on nature. By wondering what happens to broken toys and other “trash,” Julie explores repurposing found objects, broken toys and other items by incorporating them into her artwork. Creating beautiful sculptural pieces that have a deep message woven into them, Julie challenges viewers to think about their impact on the world and demonstrates that art can allow children and adults to speak about issues that are important to them through visual imagery.

Artist Julie Peppito standing in front of unfinished canvas featuring discarded toys and mixed media textiles.

Julie Peppito uses found objects, including discarded toys, in her artwork. Can you spot any toys?

Julie uses imagery, lines, raised patterns and repeating motifs to create transitions from the two-dimensional to three-dimensional in her mixed media textiles, drawings, paintings and sculpture.

A Community of Artists series will include three exhibitions in the KaleidoZone Gallery and artists-led workshops for visitors and schoolchildren.

Julie Peppito Kicks Off "A Community of Artists"


Artist in Residency

February 17 through February 20

NEA Artist in Residence Julie Peppito led eight workshops transforming trash into treasure. Visitors discovered how and why she makes her amazing creations, repurposing broken and discarded materials into meaningful art. We used unusual material combinations, found objects and broken toys to experience Julie’s artistic process and create art to take home. All young artists attending the workshop were encouraged to bring a broken toy with them to incorporate into their artwork.

Drawing table filled with brushes, markers, paint pots and surrounded by discarded toys and miniature textile panels

Visitors will be able to view a recreation of Julie Peppito's studio inside the exhibit gallery.

Julie Peppito Discusses Her Work


Julie’s Inspirations

Julie has shared some of the books, articles, speeches and organizations that have inspired her work:

•    Sunrise Movement
•    Greta and the Giants
•    No One is Too Small to Make a Difference
•    National Wildlife Federation – Eco Schools
•    #FridaysforFuture 

Julie frequently describes her art as “illustrations inspired by my reading.”  She includes the name of the article that inspired her in the title of her art.  Read the work that inspired some of the art on display.

Toxic Frock (This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein)

Crawling on Cancer (The Teflon Toxin by Sharon Lerner)

Hybrid (After Nature by Jedediah Purdy)

It's in the Water (Toxic "Reform" Law Will Gut States Rules on Dangerous Chemicals by Sharon Lerner)

Begin Again (Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. ~ Arundhati)

A Community of Artists series is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.