A key focus of the Children’s Museum is to be a gathering place for the community. In this spirit, and in partnership with community organizations, LICM hosts a variety of cultural festivals celebrating the traditions and customs of diverse cultures from around the world and in our own community. These festivals provide vibrant, authentic and rich multi-sensory experiences that create awareness and understanding, and provide opportunities for children and families to embrace Long Island’s diversity.

Funding opportunities available for all special events.  Contact the development office at development@licm.org or (516) 224-5813.

Theater performers dancing on stage with members of the audience.

Aspiring Young Artists - Children take part in traditional African dance

Child learning about Tet cultural from adult dressed in traditional attire.

Tet Festival - The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated in the Vietnamese tradition.

Girls posing for picture in traditional Diwali attire.

Diwali Festival - Celebrating the Festival of Lights in the Hindu tradition