Together we celebrated LICM's 30th year of nurturing wonder, imagination and exploration within all children who come through our doors. As a not-for-profit, donated funds make up almost half of our annual budget. You've seen how far we've come since opening in 1993, and we need your help to show how far we can go. 

As we enter the next thirty years, we're hoping the community will help sustain our ambitions with a gift of $30. Donations support the Museum’s extensive access programs supporting families of military veterans, children with disabilities and low-income households.   

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30 Years of Stories...

To celebrate this milestone, we collected stories from the people who've enabled us to thrive for three decades - YOU! Thank you for supporting LICM from the very beginning, and for continuing to grow with us as we extend our reach, our message, and our footprint over the decades to come. Take a look at some of the stories from the collection below! Please also share your own LICM story with us using the form linked here: LICM's 30 Years of Stories. We'd LOVE to hear from you!


Ruth Quijada, Together to Kindergarten 2011 Graduate

Ruth Quijada, standing with a photo taken of her with LICM Founder, Robert Lemle, in 2012. 2023

"I went there (TTK) to prepare for kindergarten with kids who I didn’t know would become my peers in high school years later. My deeper connection is that my older brother had gone to the program before me and I would remember seeing him going on that bus to go, and then two years later I would be following his footsteps. My favorite memory from LICM is going to Washington D.C. with them (Robert Lemle). It is still one of my biggest highlights of life, from the long and fascinating train ride there, to the amazing hotel and food we had while there. And most of all, entering the White House and seeing the garden and different rooms there. I still remember when one of the ladies next to me was telling us a story of how she always wanted to enter the White House as a little girl and finally being able to at 60 and I was there at 6 years old." Give 30 for 30


Erika Floreska, LICM President

Jerry Fischer with his grandson, Nigel Floreska, Patterns Studio, 2006. 

"My favorite memory is actually a picture that I have of my son and my dad playing at the block table. My dad's no longer here, so knowing this was a place where they played together and had fun was really nice." Give 30 for 30


Roni Kohen-Lemle, LICM Founder & Grandparent

Ken Grimball of News12 on opening day at LICM's original location, a 5,400-square-foot office space on Stewart Avenue in Garden City, 1993.

"On opening day in 1993 (which happened to be the Saturday before Thanksgiving), we drove up to the office building where the museum was located and were delighted/shocked/thrilled/gratified and a little scared to see that there were so many families queued up to get in, the line went through a long hallway, through the building’s lobby, out the door, down the steps and down the block!! A related favorite story is coming to help out at the museum a few weeks later and learning that we were at capacity, even though the cars kept pulling into the parking lot. Lisa Greene and I stood in the parking lot (in the snow!) and told people that we were very sorry, they had to come back another time because there was no room in the museum for more visitors. When we got home that day, Robert wrote up a timed ticketing policy that went into effect immediately!" Give 30 for 30


Rebecca Skibiel, WestburySTEM Teacher

Rebecca Skibiel's 3rd Grade Class, Communication Station, 2022

"My connection from LICM stems from being a teacher in Westbury. Over a decade ago, a partnership was developed between LICM and the Westbury School District to further enhance our science curriculum and provide meaningful experiences for our first and second grade students through museum visits, hands-on project based learning, STEM exploration and teacher professional development. I’m thankful that the partnership continues till this day, and has even expanded to include 3rd grade students." Give 30 for 30


Maxwell St. Louime, Brookside Elementary Student

Maxwell speaking at Brooksides's “Save the Bees” Rally, Spring 2023

"My favorite memory was building the tower and mini obstacle course with my brothers. We lined up the blocks perfectly and knocked them all down – it was so cool!"

Describe LICM: "Fun, exciting, big, great." Give 30 for 30

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