"STEM Explorers powered by Green Teens"  explores the importance of the natural world and promote environmental advocacy through interactive education programs. Past on-site workshops explored various aspects of animal life on Earth.

The Buzz About Bees


Visitors learned about how bees make honey and tried out different types in a honey tasting.

  • What is pollination and why does it matter? Learn how insects like bees help us grow our food.
  • Did you know there are 416 bee species that live in New York? These insects are important pollinators. Invite mason bees into your garden by making a bee house. Once you build your bee house, be sure to maintain it properly.
  • Explore the different parts of a flower through a simple flower dissection

Wild About Zoos


Kids made zoo passports to keep track of all the animals they see!

  • After severe damage from Hurricane Sandy, the New York Aquarium has finally reopened its shark exhibit. Head over to Coney Island to check it out! 
  • Bringing kids to the zoo helps language development, sparks curiosity, and encourages exploration. 
  • Do you love looking at pictures of animals? Check out the top five wild animal Instagram accounts. 

Arctic Adaptations

Two children standing in front of a table and sticking their hand in a bowl of ice water.

How do animals stay warm in arctic temperatures? Visitors discovered how blubber works in an icy experiment!

  • How are polar bears so good at keeping warm? How does their fur help them survive in the arctic? New research shows how complex a polar bear's coat really is. 
  • What is the difference between heat and temperature? Find out some cool facts about heat here.
  • Try out an experiment to discover how insulators work to keep you warm during the cold months.

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