Reconnect with the natural world through environment-based activities to develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, decision-making and creativity. Encourage continued outdoor play with some of these fun nature-driven activities:

Nature Journals

People of all ages often enjoy observing treasures found outside. Document the experience in a way that best suits you and your child. Children can draw what they see, write words or phrases to describe observations, or take photographs. Check out ideas for nature BINGO or a nature scavenger hunt

Play in the Mud

Yes, it’s messy. But it’s also a fun, sensory experience full of scientific discoveries and a great way to take advantage of the aftermath of the rainy days upon us. If you prefer a directed activity with a little more structure, experiment with mud bricks made in ice cube trays.

Natural Craft Materials

For families that enjoy art activities, get creative by using items found in your own backyard to make paintbrushes out of twigs and evergreen needles. Search for a variety of rocks and leaves to make printed rocks.

Additional ideas for outdoor play are ready for you on our Pinterest board.