When should I book my trip to Long Island Children’s Museum?

LICM is a popular destination for school year field trips. We encourage groups to book a minimum of one month in advance of their preferred visit date. (Many groups book at start of school year to request preferred dates.)

Does the Museum have a Chaperone policy for guided group visits?  

The Museum provides free admission for one adult chaperone for every three children kindergarten and younger, and free admission for one adult chaperone for every five children over age five. Additional adults will be charged at the rate of $15 for guided visits, and $22.50 for “Double Your Learning” visits. The Museum recommends keeping additional adults (above recommended chaperone levels) to no more than five per tour. Too many grown-ups can spoil the fun!

Qualifying chaperones include: teachers, teachers assistants and accompanying parents.

Nurses and 1:1 aides/paraprofessionals are always admitted free of charge when accompanying a group.

For self-guided and “Extend Your Play” trips, all adults and children pay. Membership may not be used.

What is the “Double Your Learning” option? What is the pricing for this program?

Double Your Learning allows you to participate in two LICM programs on a single day to maximize the value of your bus investment.  Consider adding a live theater performance to your day or a second guided tour. Your schedule will include a 30-minute lunch break.

See Chaperone policy above and how it applies to “Double Your Learning.”  The price is $22.50 per child.  The cafeteria usage fee will be waived for groups booking this option.

Can my group stay after their 90-minute guided tour is over? What is the pricing for this extended visit?

Ask about our “Extend Your Play” option. Children will be charged $1 more to extend their visit. Free chaperone pricing does not apply to an extended visit; adult chaperones will be charged $16 for this extended visit.

When is full payment for my group required?  What happens if my group size changes on the day of my visit? 

A 50% deposit (or BOCES payment form) is required 30 days before your visit to confirm your LICM trip reservation. The balance is due on the day of your visit. Your balance will be calculated based on the number of children actually attending the day of your visit. 

TIP:  Because this number may be lower than your original reservation number, we ask that you bring a flexible payment method (credit card, blank check) to handle final payment. The Museum cannot issue rebates for overpayments. 

How many children are permitted on a guided group tour?  

To allow children to fully enjoy exhibits, LICM caps group size at 25 children. If your group has more than 25 children, an additional tour(s) group will be created. Please note, we cannot increase the number of tour groups on the date of your visit.  

Can you accommodate extra groups without a reservation on the day of our guided tour?

Unfortunately, no. The extra group can opt for a self-guided tour at the general admission rate. (Reduced rates only apply to groups with a reservation.) 

What happens if we arrive after the start time of our tour?

LICM will make every effort to accommodate a group arriving late.

What forms of payment do you accept?

LICM accepts cash, check (personal or business), credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) and money orders.

LICM also accepts BOCES funds and purchase orders for school reservations (excluding self-guided programs).

How long is an LICM guided tour? 

Guided tours are 90 minutes in length. Morning (10-11:30 a.m.) and Afternoon (noon – 1:30 p.m.) tour times are available. Tour times are not flexible.

How long is a self-guided tour?

Feel free to spend the day; the Museum is open until 5 p.m. on weekdays.  We do ask, however, that you arrive at your appointed arrival time.

I’m interested in a special LICM exhibit that is not offered on my guided tour. Can I substitute galleries? 

Although we cannot substitute galleries on a guided tour; you can opt to extend your visit to enjoy all the Museum’s exhibits.  Ask at the Info Desk about extending your day. (Additional rates will apply.) 
Does the cafeteria offer food?

Yes, but only vended service is offered here.  Advance reservations are required for groups to use the cafeteria.  Reservations are offered to guided groups only. A usage fee does apply. Capacity is limited. (Ask about Cafeteria availability when booking.)

Is there anywhere for our school group to eat during the visit if we did not reserve the cafeteria in advance?

For the safety of visitors with food allergies and sensitivities and to keep the Museum clean, no food or drink is permitted outside the cafeteria.

Is there a fee for bus parking?

Parking is free at Long Island Children’s Museum.

What should I have prepared for check-in on my visit date?

Please have an accurate count of all children present and a separate count of all adults present. Your remaining payment will be calculated and collected based on this headcount,

If you have any other questions that have not been addressed, please feel free to call our Reservations Office (Monday-Friday) at 516-224-5869 between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Long Island Children’s Museum.