"STEM Explorers powered by Green Teens"  explores the importance of the natural world and promote environmental advocacy through interactive education programs. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring... Every season has its natural beauty.

Science of Snowflakes

Two children holding glue making snowflakes out of Q-tips, and white pompoms.

What do snowflakes look like up close? Kids designed their own symmetrical snowflakes.

  • How do snowflakes form? Find out about the different types of snowflakes and how they are made as they fall through the sky. 
  • Fractals are a type of geometric pattern that can be found in snowflakes. Create your own fracal pattern with this experiment from Scientific American.
  • Where else can you find fractals? From salt flats to ferns, check out some beautiful fractals you can find in nature. 

Colorful Fall Leaves

A child transfering images of leaves onto white paper using crayons.

As they made rubbings from local tree species, kids learned about the different parts of a leaf and why they turn such beautiful colors in the fall.

  • Visualize a leaf's hidden colors through this simple chromatography experiment. 
  • Get inspired by Lois Ehlert's story "Leaf Man" and make your own colorful piece of art.
  • Take a nature walk and collect your findings in a handmade journal

Ice and Snow

Two girls decorating cups for their experiment.

In our Ice and Snow lesson, children learned about the movement of glaciers and what lives there.

Explore Ice and Snow at Home

  • IceWatch USA collects information on when water in our area freezes. Be a citizen scientist and contribute your own data
  • The Arctic is a cold place to live! Discover how animals stay warm in the ice and snow.
  • As the Earth's temperatures continue to rise, glaciers turn from solid ice into liquid water. Learn how this affects our ocean's with this sea level experiment.

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