"STEM Explorers powered by Green Teens"  explores the importance of the natural world and promote environmental advocacy through interactive education programs. Past on-site workshops explored out of this world experiences in space.

Out of This World! 


Kids used their stomping power to send rockets flying into the air!

  • Didn't get enough rockets? Make some more at home with these two tutorials from NASA: this one explores Newton's Laws of Motion, while this one explores flight stability. 
  • Astronauts have to be physically and mentally fit. Participate in activities that model the stresses placed on astronauts in outerspace. 

Life in Outer Space?


Visitors learned about extremophiles such as yeti crabs and tardigrades as they explored what life could be like in outer space.

  • Telescopes allow us to see far out into space without leaving Earth. Find out how to make your own and discover what you can see in the night sky. 
  • Scientists are looking at organisms that live in very extreme environments on Earth (very salty, very hot, very wet, etc.) to make predictions about life that may be found on other planets. Here are some extremeophiles that scientists are studying. 
  • Other planets may have the right conditions to support living organisms. Learn about the environments that are found in our solar system.

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