Saturday January 28 and Sunday January 29, 2023

Join us in celebrating the Lunar New Year at LICM! Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, marks the start of the new year of the lunisolar calendar and is celebrated all over the world. Come ring in the Year of the Rabbit with us!

  • Enjoy a variety of dance  performances including the traditional Lion Dance, folk dances, and Peking opera
  • View live artisan demonstrations of Tai Chi martial arts, sugar painting, dough sculpting and calligraphy.
  • Make your own Riddle Lantern, a tradition that goes all the way back to the Han Dynasty
  • Explore music from the sounds of the ancient Chinese instrument guzheng to traditional and contemporary songs
  • Make your own Rabbit Lantern to celebrate the year of the rabbit and the story of the Jade Rabbit
  • Play Jegichagi to honor the Korean Lunar New Year known as "Seollal," and make your own Jegi to play with
  • Make your own paper peach blossom to adorn your home, recognizing the symbol of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year

All activities are included with regular general admission.

Reserve or purchase general admission

Saturday 1/28    Sunday 1/29

Lunar New Year is made possible with the support of JPMorgan Chase & Co. in partnership with Nassau County Office of Asian American Affairs.