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STEM Learning Activities

Explore STEM concepts at home to support curiosity and develop confidence as we learn from our mistakes. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are fun! These booklets were developed for parents of first and second graders to do with their grown ups.

Super STEM: Fun experiments for Children and Parents (English and Spanish PDF)

Tinkering Around with STEM for Children and Parents (English and Spanish PDF)

Visit LICM at Home Episode 1

From our homes to yours, this 43 minute video will inspire hours of LICM-filled goodness with science, animals, building a sock puppet, KEVA brain teasers, an art tutorial and movement. Simply hit pause when you're gathering materials or immersed in a project you enjoy. Hit play when you're ready for more!


Visit LICM at Home Episode 2

Our second full Museum "visit" featuring geology, meeting a live turtle, a turtle-themed craft, games, Oobleck, making musical instruments and plenty of play time with the staff of LICM. Be sure to hit pause when you're gathering materials or immersed in a project you enjoy. Then hit play when you're ready for more! 


Happy As Clams: The Musical

Pull up a chair to watch a full-length production from the LICM Theater written by award-winning family performer, journalist, and Long Islander Lena Pennino-Smith. "Happy as Clams" is the story of Clammy the Clam who is in search of her purpose in life with the help of her fiddler crab friend and other creatures in the Great South Bay. View the song lyrics to sing along!


Princess Frog at the LICM Theater

Premiered Monday, May 4, now here for your viewing, is a full-length archival production from the LICM Theater. This is a musical adaptation of the Italian fairy tale “The Prince Who Married a Frog,” written by Italo Calvino. With 300 versions of this tale throughout Europe, this new twist by Long Island native Lena Pennino-Smith focuses on the values of family and reminds us all to trust our instincts. Sing along using the song lyrics.


ABC Exercises

Get bodies moving with a unique set of movements while little ones enjoy the added benefit of practicing spelling and counting. Download this printable to cut and paste your child's name, or simply jot down each step. 

ABC exercises thumbnail

Download the ABC Exercise sheet PDF


Kids in the Kitchen

Every Friday on Facebook, we share a new recipe from Ashley Niver, our Early Childhood Program Director, known as Miss Ashley to our on-site participants! Little chefs use real cooking tools (with some help from adults) as we make easy, yummy, kid-friendly snacks from start to finish. As they make their treat, children gain experience measuring ingredients, following directions and building their vocabulary. 

Cook with us

Special thanks to our Healthy Kids in the Kitchen partners: Kohl's Cares and Cohen Children's Medical Center Northwell Health.

Even More Fun and Learning

  • Listen and craft along with story+ART with Miss Ashley with these videos
  • Download our animal coloring sheets, and extend creativity by designing new habitats
  • "Step inside" the Museum with our virtual backgrounds you can use during video calls
  • Dive into Pinterest boards based on our exhibits, programs and field trips
  • Check out live events, links, activity guides, videos, apps and articles we recommend on our Teacher Resources page

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