Gallery Descriptions

Bricks and Sticks

Bricks & Sticks Investigate, build and shape our three-
dimensional world using a variety of building blocks and interactive software.


Blur the boundary between play and experimentation as you step inside a giant bubble, blow bubbles within bubbles and make a giant bubble honeycomb.

Changes and Challenges

Building Boom with KEVA® Planks
Join the LICM construction crew and build the design project of your dreams—bridges, skyscrapers, castles, airplanes, trestles, spirals and more. No glue, just gravity! Apply principles of balance, proportion and geometry to your design.


Stretch your muscles and imagination while venturing through this two-story climbing structure and its meandering ramp. For the safety of everyone, a child should be 4 years old and at least 42" tall.

Communication Station

Communication Station
Broadcast the news, create animations and explore artful illustrations of technology in this exciting exhibit that explores communication from facial expressions to satellite technology.

Feasts for Beasts

Feasts for Beasts
Discover the amazing ways animals find and eat their food. Identify the predators and prey among the exhibit’s animal menagerie.


KaleidoZone Expect creative expressions in this gallery of changing art exhibits where you can discover the artist and art lover in you.

sound showers

Sound Showers explores the idea that “sound is music and music is sound” and if you learn to “look” with your ears you will uncover the unexpected rhythms that are all around us. Explore soundscapes of the imagination, create rhythms using instruments from around the world and experience the fun of creating music using fun, found objects. The exhibit is funded by a generous grant from the Gertrude and Louis Feil Family.

Our Backyard

Our Backyard Explore our sensory gardens, play with the properties of water and experiment in our award-winning outdoor environment as you connect with your inner naturalist. Check your UV Index.

Pattern Studio

Pattern Studio Explore patterns in art, nature and mathematics. Spin giant wheels, look through kaleidoscopes and design a floor, house or your own unique structure—all with patterns.

Sandy Island

Sandy Island Discover your world in a grain of sand! Shape a sand dune with wind, create sandy art, make waves, explore the beach and boardwalk and learn the sandy facts about Long Island.


ToolBox Construct your own creations at the carpentry bench with hammers, nails, pliers and more. Get a feel for how tools make it easier for us to make and do things.


TotSpot Crawl, climb, giggle, wiggle, jump, slide, pretend and play in an age-appropriate environment made for the museum’s youngest visitors and their grown-ups. Free timed tickets required. Subject to availability.

Comings & Goings

Comings & Goings Prepare for a new experience as you explore our traveling exhibits gallery. Three new exhibits travel to the Children’s Museum each year. Start here in this gallery devoted to the fresh and new.

Broken? Fix it!

Exhibit Rental: Broken? Fix it! Things break; that's a given. From the Stone Age wheel to the modern computer, all technologies throughout history at some time have needed repairs. When something breaks, what do you do?


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