The visual arts create an opportunity for conversation and a common ground for people to come together, learn about one another and their cultures and generate understanding and empathy. It is a means of communication and of sharing. It is a way to explore and learn about the world and feel connected to it. It can be playful and tell a story, and importantly, add beauty to our lives. 
Since 2008, Long Island Children’s Museum has partnered with The Willem de Kooning Foundation to introduce children and families to the world of abstract art and artists, particularly the life and work of Willem de Kooning. Through Museum-developed workshops and community outreach programs, children’s understanding of what art “should” look like is expanded, to include concepts of expressionism and abstract art.

Our Partnership Includes: 

  • Museum-based workshops 
  • Community Outreaches targeting middle- and high school-age students
  • Professional development for art teachers based on his life and work.
  • Annual month-long exhibition showcasing work produced by young artists throughout the year.  
Young artist creating a sculpture using modeling clay.

Aimed at children ages 4-12, workshops at the Museum focus on Willem de Kooning's life and techniques.

Pre-teens and teens painting on canvases.

Outreach programs at libraries, middle schools, and high schools, community organizations across Nassau County and Cohen's Children's Hospital take the Museum experience out into the community.

Adults painting on canvases.

Professional Development activities included workshop at Balanced Mind Conference Molloy College 2016.

LICM develops guided experiences to nurture children's confidence and stimulate their innate creative abliities.  In addition to inspiring children to create and talk about artwork, a key aim of the program is to activate and expand critical thinking and problem solving skills; empowering children to seek visual solutions to problems they encounter as they create their artwork, that ultimately apply to their experience of the world.

Adults also benefit from this exploration of abstract art as they learn strategies to discuss art with their children and gain information about children's creative development.

Develop your child's inner artist as you talk to your kids about art.

LICM is grateful for the ongoing support of The Willem de Kooning Foundation.