The Museum has put health and safety protocols and operational modifications in place to enable visitors to return to play and learn with us. These include safe physical distancing and PPE protocols, reduced admission and exhibit capacity, timed entry and contactless interactions. Here's what you'll want to know to prepare for your visit.

Guest & Staff Health

Are masks required?
Yes, all staff and guests over the age of 24 months are required to wear face masks that cover the nose and mouth while on Museum property. Because children under the age of 12 are unvaccinated, and this population is the majority of our audience, adults will model the behavior that is expected of children. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in keeping our community’s children safe. 

We know it can be difficult for a child to keep a mask on their face. We’ve prepared a video with tips and fun activities to prepare your children for mask wearing in public places.  

How can I prepare my child for changes at the Museum?
We encourage grownups to let children know what to expect before their visit. We’ve created a story that lets them know how they can play safely at LICM. With reduced capacity and changes to some exhibits in place, we encourage you to manage expectations by focusing on the total Museum experience rather than specific exhibits or activities.

How can children maintain safe distancing?
LICM added visual reminders—floor stickers and signs—to remind everyone to practice safe distancing. In areas of the Museum where this is difficult, access will be limited to one group at a time to eliminate congestion and cross traffic patterns.

Will you have masks available for visitors?
All visitors are expected to bring their own masks. A limited number of replacement masks will be available at the Check-in area. 

Do I need to bring hand sanitizer?
There are 15 hand sanitizer stations located throughout the Museum, and you are welcome to use your own sanitizer. Remember, the best way to prevent germ spread is to wash your hands frequently. Guests are encouraged to wash their hands once per hour during their visit. Signs around the Museum remind visitors of cleaning practices. 

Have you improved the air quality in the building?
Our HVAC system has been upgraded with medical-grade air filters (MERV-13), which trap ultra-fine particles.

Cleaning Practices

What have you done to improve cleaning practices?
We elevated our efforts to provide a clean and safe environment. We are using cleaning and disinfecting products that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Staff are disinfecting high-touch surfaces and components throughout the day with industry-grade, environmentally-friendly sanitizing solution. These spaces include buttons, handrails, benches, seats, doorknobs and table and countertops.

We have multiple sets of removable exhibit props (including but not limited to hammers, goggles and bubble wands) that are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. These items are cleaned again after the Museum has closed. 

We invested in an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer, which combines specialized disinfectant with high-pressured air and an electric charge to wrap disinfectant evenly and coat all types of surfaces.

How frequently will you deep clean the Museum?
A professional cleaning service comes in after hours to handle heavy cleaning. All floors are mopped and vacuumed, restrooms are re-cleaned and all surfaces are sanitized to reset the Museum for a new day of play. 

How do you sanitize the water in H2Oh! water play area?
Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is used in the treatment of the water play area in Our Backyard.

Are the bathrooms open and how often are they cleaned?
Bathrooms are open with social distancing requirements in place. Bathrooms are cleaned throughout the day by our staff matron.

Is there anything I should do?
Please place items that have been in a child’s mouth immediately into the designated “Yucky Toy Bags” available in every exhibit gallery so they can be cleaned and sanitized.

If an area needs attention, we encourage our visitors to let staff promptly know so we can take care of it right away.

Please wash hands every hour and make use of hand sanitizer stations located throughout the Museum.

Admission & Ticketing Protocols

What days/hours are the Museum open?
The Museum is currently open on a modified schedule: Thursday-Sunday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., with some exceptions during school break weeks or national holidays. See our calendar for upcoming hour adjustments and program information.

How do I get tickets? 
Tickets should be purchased (non-Members) or reserved (Members) at prior to your visit. Purchase or reserve tickets early to avoid admission disappointment due to admission capacity restrictions.  

The first entry slot of every day (10 a.m.) is available for Members only. Non-members will be able to purchase tickets for timed entry beginning at 11 a.m.

You will receive your electronic tickets via email, which will be scanned for entrance into the Museum.

What is timed ticketing?
Specific arrival times have been implemented to maintain admission flow. Remember: the first entry slot of every day (10 a.m.) is available as a Museum member benefit.  

How much time does my ticket allow?
You may enter at your designated time and stay to play as long as you wish for the rest of the day.

What if I arrive late for my timed ticket?
There is no penalty for arriving after your appointed time. We kindly request Members reserve tickets only for days they plan to visit to ensure everyone in our community has an opportunity to visit. 

Can I reserve a TotSpot timeslot?
TotSpot is now available on a first-come, first-served basis for all visitors at a reduced capacity. 

Can I leave the Museum and return the same day?
Yes. Any time after your designated arrival time, you may leave and return as you wish until closing. See for each day's closing time, typically 3 p.m. unless it is an extended hours day.

How do I redeem a library pass?
Library passes are redeemed at our Box Office. You do not need to purchase or reserve online tickets with a library pass. Have a question about visiting with a Library Pass? Email for the fastest response.

Can I receive admission from an ACM or ASTC partner?
Visitors who qualify for ASTC reciprocity or ACM Travel Passport benefits coming to LICM must show a valid membership card from their museum and a state-issued photo ID when obtaining tickets at the Box Office. LICM members who qualify for ASTC reciprocity or ACM Travel Passport benefits should call museums they wish to visit in advance to find out if restrictions are in place and if operating schedule has changed.


Do I need to reserve my free tickets in advance?
To maintain admission flow, all visitors, including members, must reserve tickets online for a specific entry time. There is no fee to reserve tickets online. While members can choose any entry time, the first entry hour of every day (10 a.m.) is reserved exclusively for members.

Am I limited to a certain number of visits?
No. Members may visit as many times per year as they would like. We kindly request Members reserve tickets only for days they plan to visit to ensure everyone in our community has an opportunity to visit. 

Building & Exhibit Changes

Is there a new entry and exit point? 
The Museum designated its West Doors, also known as the “small parking lot” side, for visitor entrance. All visitors exit through the East Doors near Our Backyard, the Cradle of Aviation and the “large parking lot.”

Are any exhibits closed?  
For health and safety considerations at this time, the following exhibits will be temporarily closed: Climb-it and Sandy Island. 

Will any exhibits change?
Portions of some exhibits are temporarily closed: The Radio Room (Communications Gallery), Reactable Room (Sound Showers) and Everything & the Kitchen Sink (Sound Showers).

TotSpot, our gallery for children under 4, has reduced capacity to provide enhanced physical distancing for young children.

Costumes, fabric toys and books have been temporarily removed from all galleries.

Is the Theater open?
The Theater is currently closed for renovations and will reopen later this year. 

Is the cafeteria available?
Seating capacity is reduced to allow for physical distancing. Vending machines will be available with sanitizers added to all equipment. Additional tables have been added outdoors to accommodate families.

Is there signage about physical distancing and changes to the Museum? 
Yes, visitors can see new signs around the Museum to provide reminders about enhanced cleaning and safety protocols, wayfinding guidelines (one way pathways, etc.) and exhibit modifications. Signs also remind guests to wash hands frequently throughout their visit.


Can I bring my stroller inside? 
Yes. Please note, lockers in the coatroom are not available.

Are the water fountains available?
Water fountains are not available at this time. We encourage you to bring your own water. Water is available for purchase in the cafeteria and Museum Store.

Will the Museum Store be open?
The Museum Store will be open during the Museum’s open hours; physical distancing and reduced capacity restrictions are in place.

Programs and Events 

Have workshops returned?
Kids in the Kitchen continues virtually on Fridays at 11:30 a.m. on Facebook. You can see more than 30 video recipes here. Story + ART takes place most Thursdays on site at 11:30 a.m. Upcoming programs can be seen on

Have Friendly Hours returned?
Yes, Friendly Hours are back. Please see for the latest information.
Can I schedule a group visit for my school, scouts, or birthday party?

Yes. Please submit the appropriate inquiry and we will work with you to coordinate your group visit:  Scouts    Birthdays   Field Trips    Outreaches  

Can I rent space in the Museum?
Yes. From families of learning pods looking for learning studio space to work or play time in TotSpot on the days we are closed, to corporate team building events, we are available for rentals. Contact for more information.