Put on your thinking cap and investigate the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! Join the Green Teens in a weekend filled with hands-on activities and demonstrations by STEM professionals, all free with Museum admission. Four activity stations, each one focused on a different discipline, will foster curiosity and imagination through the exploration of STEM.

What You'll Do:

Science: For some animals, contact between parents and offspring is very important. Mothers and fathers spend time licking and grooming their babies, cuddle to keep them warm and care for their young in large communal groups. Come join Adelphi University’s Dr. Carolyn Bauer and learn about the degu, a Chilean rodent, as you pretend to take care of a pup!

Technology: Nerdy Derby returns for a second day of challenges. Choose your race track then customize your car to meet a unique challenge: Tokyo Super Jump” - design a car that will jump the farthest on the race track - or “Inertia Track” - design a car that can idle on the hill the longest before making it to the finish line. The choice is yours!

Engineering: Step right up and pick a card, any card! Each card outlines a new master builder challenge for visitors. Consider important building decisions like material choices and foundation design to create a design that meets the judges’ standards.

Math: A kaleidoscope is a circle of mirrors that creates interesting patterns through movements. Explore the endless array of patterns made by shifting angles as you make your own take home kaleidoscope.

Want Even More?

Come Saturday for more STEM stations!

This program is made possible with the support of National Grid.