Put on your thinking cap and investigate the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! Join the Green Teens in a weekend filled with hands-on activities and demonstrations by STEM professionals, all free with Museum admission. Four activity stations, each one focused on a different discipline, will foster curiosity and imagination through the exploration of STEM.

What You'll Do:

Science: One of the most important skills a scientist must learn is observation. Join us as we explore nature using field journaling techniques and become a part of the Sketchbook Project’s permanent library.

Technology: Get hands on with Nerdy Derby! Choose your race track then customize your car to meet a unique challenge: Tokyo Super Jump” - design a car that will jump the farthest on the race track - or “Inertia Track” - design a car that can idle on the hill the longest before making it to the finish line. The choice is yours!

Engineering: Chemistry Makes Scents! Learn about what happens when molecule pairs are flipped in a “mirror image." Use your nose to distinguish between chemicals that contain all the same elements but produce very different smells.

Math: Meet Adelphi University’s Dr. Lee Stemkoski and learn about ancient Chinese puzzles called tangrams. Using seven simple geometric shapes, you’ll be challenged to match specific patterns or get creative and make your own creations.

Want Even More?

Come Sunday for more STEM stations!

This program is made possible with the support of National Grid.