Traveling Exhibit: Building Boom with KEVA® planks

  May 10–July 14, 2013

Dragons and Fairies

Join the LICM construction crew and build, the design project of your dreams—bridges, skyscrapers, castles, airplanes, trestles, spirals and more. No glue, just gravity!

As video games become more realistic and movies improve their special effects the need for children to provide their own imagination is slowly disappearing. Building Boom with KEVAź planks is working to solve this problem.

KEVA® planks are a construction system in which participants use gravity, not glue to build structures using precision-cut identically sized wood planks that become surprisingly stable when stacked together. The planks encourage children to use their imagination, a critical aspect of creative problem solving and abstract thinking. Children can conceive, then build, the design project of their dreams while developing an understanding of principals of balance, proportion and geometry. Visitors can draw inspiration for their design projects from the 50 structures on display in the exhibit; working together or independently to build their creations.

"We chose this exhibit because exploration with simple blocks builds an intuitive understanding of mathematics and physics," explains Erik Schurink, LICM Director of Exhibits. "Children learn by playing, and it is known that playing with blocks builds mathematical understanding and creative thinking."

Since 2008 Astoria Federal Savings has supported 10 exhibits covering a range of themes and experiences from cultural exploration to science inquiry. Exhibits have included: Kangaroo Crossing; Global Shoes; The Big Adventure; Monkey King: A Story from China; Night Journeys: An Adventure into the World of Sleep and Dreams; Toys: The Inside Story; Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body; Dragons & Fairies: Exploring Viet Nam Through Folktales and most recently Framed: Step into ArtTM.

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