Scout Trips

The Scouting trail leads to the Long Island Children's Museum! A variety of tours, workshops and special programs are available to inspire your Cub Scout (Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos) dens and packs, as well as Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girl Scout troops.


Create a human bubble, experience the magic of making and listening to music, scale a two-story climbing structure and more at the Long Island Children's Museum. Choose four of your favorite hands-on exhibit galleries to explore on your guided tour.

Dates & Times: Tuesdays to Fridays, 4–5 p.m.
Call for appointment.

Cost: $6 per participant. One adult chaperone free for every five paid admissions, additional adults are $6 per person. Group minimum is 10. Please, no siblings.


Extend your visit and spend the day at LICM! Request our list of exhibit galleries that help satisfy Cub Scout (Tiger, Wolf or Bear achievements and electives, Webelos activity badges, Academics program loop and pin), Brownie or Junior Girl Scout merit badge requirements.

Dates and Times: Saturdays and Sundays (Entire group must be present before tour starts). Call for appointment

Cost: $8 per person.
Family members welcome! Reservations for self-guided tours must be made at least two weeks in advance. Group minimum is 10 children. Membership, coupons, guest passes, special offers, etc. are not valid for groups, school visits or self-guided tours.

Cafeteria Usage:
Cafeteria reservations are not available to self-guided tour groups. Blackout dates may apply. Membership, coupons, guest passes, special offers, etc. are not valid for groups, school visits or self-guided tours.

Come early or stay late on Saturday or Sunday! When you book a weekend workshop your group can explore, discover and play at LICM before or after your workshop for an additional $6 per Scout and $6 per adult.


Scout Workshops

Enjoy a different kind of Museum experience that's tailored to your program!

What's Bugging You? ($10 per Scout)
(Recommended for Grades 2–3)
Explore the world of bugs and other insects and arachnids through arts and crafts. Design a butterfly, study the stages of metamorphosis and visit the creatures in LICM's Feasts for Beasts gallery. (Fulfills Brownie Bugs merit badge, Bear Cub Scout Ach. #5a, Wildlife Conservation Pin #1.)

Elements of Art ($10 per Cub Scout)
(Recommended for Grades 1–3)
Practice key elements of design &anmp; mix colors as you create a painting. 60 minutes. (Fulfills Cub Scout Art Belt Loop, Tiger Elec. # 15, Wolf Elec. #12a & 12c, Bears Elec. #9a.)

In the Painter's Studio ($10 per Brownie Girl Scout)
(Recommended for Grades 2–3)
Explore the work and styles of different artists. Paint a mood, experiment with non-traditional artist materials and plan and execute a troop mural! 90 minutes. (Fulfills Brownie Girl Scout Painting merit badge.)

Kitchen Chemistry ($12 per Scout)
(Recommended for Grades 2–3) Science is all around us—it even hides in our homes! Become a kitchen chemist and create a delicious emulsion and a playful colloid; explore density and static electricity! (Fulfills Brownie Girl Scout Home Scientist merit badge; Cub Scout Science Belt Loop, Pin requirement #11.)

Sense-sational! ($10 per Scout)
(Recommended for Grades 1–3)

Exercise your senses in this special Museum tour with a twist. In select galleries and in our Studio use only ONE sense at a time to create human patterns, surround yourself with sound and learn if your nose knows! (Please inform us of allergies at time of booking.) (Fulfills Brownie Girl Scout Senses merit badge.)

CSI: LICM! ($12 per Scout)
(Recommended for Grades 4–5)

Use your powers of observation and other methods of detection to solve the mystery in the Museum! Take fingerprints and create a secret code as you examine the evidence! (Fulfills Junior Girl Scout Detective merit badge; Bear Cub Scout Achievement #7a.)

It's a Draw! ($12 per Scout)
(Recommended for Grades 4–5)

Sharpen your pencils and learn drawing techniques such as shading and perspective. Create a portfolio for your projects! (Fulfills Junior Girl Scout merit badge; Bear Cub Scout elective #9a; Cub Scout Art Belt Loop requirements #1 and #2.)

Geology, USA! ($15 per scout)
(Recommended for Grades 4–5)

Take an "aerial tour" of the United States and practice "hands-on" geology when you come in for a landing! Learn about the structure of the earth and the natural forces that continue to shape it. Sort rocks and minerals, mold fossils and more!
(Fulfills the Webelos Geologist Pin; Cub Scout Geology Belt Loop and Pin.)

Dates and Times: Weekday and Weekend afternoons.
Call for an appointment

Cost: Varies by workshop (see specific workshop for Scout prices) One adult chaperone free for every five paid admissions — additional adults are $8 per person. Group minimum is eight (8) Scouts. Please, no siblings.


Scout Overnights

Spend the night at Long Island Children's Museum and camp out in the Great Indoors!

Explore the museum until bedtime, completing advancement requirements as you play. Participate in a workshop, theater presentation or gallery demonstrations. Enjoy a bedtime snack and continental breakfast. Fall asleep in a favorite gallery!

$42 per scout or adult
(LICM requires one adult chaperone for every five scouts)

Scout Overnights at LICM is shared with other scout groups. Dates vary for Cub Scout Packs and Girl Scout Troops (click the link in the next paragraph for dates available to your organization). Large groups may be able to reserve a private overnight visit (minimum number of participants: 120: maximum: 145). Please contact the Rentals & Event Manager at (516) 224-5840 with your request.

Join us for our 2016 Overnight, “The Great Museum Caper” (Dates announced in August.) To register or for additional information on our themed museum overnight, contact


Bring LICM to you! A variety of age-appropriate Museum outreach programs are available to travel to your pack or troop meeting place! Please call the Scouts Coordinator, Eileen Tait for more information or e-mail at


All tours and workshops are held at the Long Island Children's Museum, 11 Davis Avenue, Garden City. All tours (including the self-guided weekend option) and workshops MUST be booked in advance. Memberships, coupons, special offers, guest passes, etc. are not valid for these tours or workshops.

Please contact the Scout Coordinator at (516) 224-5848 to book a tour or workshop. Please call the Rentals & Events Manager, at (516) 224-5840 to register for Scout Overnights.


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