Art Exhibitions at LICM

Community Gallery

A Passport to Learning

Artwork on display was made by kindergarten through fourth grade students attending Leo F. Giblyn School in Freeport. The art students are exposed to various cultures and artists so that through their artwork they can make closer connections to people in the world near and far.

All ages. Free with museum admission.









KaleidoZone Gallery

Man Ray's Rayographs: Photographs without Camera
February 6 through Sunday, May 15

Did you know that photographs can be created without a camera? The artist Man Ray demonstrated this with his “rayographs.” Born Emmanuel Radnitzky, the artist is recognized for a technique of placing everyday objects on a sheet of photosensitized paper and exposing it to light. After viewing his work, step into the Shadow Station, where you can use objects to create compositions on a projection screen, reminiscent of how Man Ray created his “rayographs.” LICM is grateful to the Browner family for their assistance with this exhibit.

All ages. Free with museum admission.


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